77mq hynix mfr overclock

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We have established "the best memory-based semi-conductor solution company" as our vision and built the sustainable management systems to carry out detailed assignments. Financial Statements.

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Similar to our comparisons with Ivy Bridge, today we publish our results for 26 different memory timings across 45 benchmarks, all using a G. Skill memory kit. In order to be more thorough, our tests in this article take a single memory kit, the G.

Benchmarks chosen include my standard array of real world benchmarks, some of which are memory limited, as well as several gaming titles on IGP, single GPU and multi-GPU setups, recording both average and minimum frame rates. As mentioned in the Ivy Bridge memory scaling articleone of the main issues with reporting memory speeds is the exclusion of the CAS Latency, or tCL. When a user purchases memory, it comes with an associated number of sticks, each stick is of a certain size, memory speed, set of subtimings and voltage.

In fact the importance of order is such that:. Placement of those sticks in the motherboard. I use this order on the basis that point 1 is more important than point A user can go out and buy two memory kits, both DDR, but in reality as shown in this reviewthey can perform different and have different prices. The reason for this will be in the sub-timings of each memory kit: one might be C9and the other C So whenever someone boasts about a particular memory speed, ask for subtimings.

For this review, G. This is at the absolute high end of memory kits, with very few memory kits going faster in terms of MHz. This memory kit uses single-sided Hynix MFR ICs, known for their high MHz numbers, and while there are large heat-spreaders on each stick, these can be removed reducing the height from 5.

Almost all of these combinations are available for purchase. If this setting is unstable, we move tothen and so on until the combination is stable. There is an odd twist when dealing with DDR This leads to a slight advantage in terms of CPU throughput when using DDR which does come through in several benchmarks. In order to keep things even, our 4.

The problem at this speed is the actual overclocking of the CPU aspect of the system will skew the performance results in favor of the high end kit. For what should be obvious reasons, there is no point in running synthetic tests when dealing with memory. A synthetic test will tell you if the peak speed or latency is higher or lower — that is not a number that necessarily translates into the real world unless you can detect the type and size of all the memory accesses used within a real world environment.

Skill Haswell DDR3.I must admit I have been getting increasingly annoyed with the noise regarding the Hynix MFR-based memory kits. Now although I love seeing these insane memory frequencies, as an overclocker I do want people to understand that the highest clocks do not represent the highest level of performance. The highly clocked MFR-based kits are not slower because of the memory timings, but mainly because they are single sided.

That means, only one side of the memory stick has ICs. I must say most of them are very disappointing, as most kits get awards for these horribly priced underwhelming performance memory kits. The performance of MFR-based memory is very low. Have a look at this performance chart from TechpowerUP on the right. That is nothing short of sad. That is the main reason why I would like to highlight the review over at Overclockers. They said exactly how things are. To quote, The 8 GB G. Oh, and it performs better.

So for anyone out there that wants memory currently on the market for performance, go for that kit.


For a subset of a subset of overclockers that really enjoy memory overclocking of which yours truly is onethis kit is tailor made for you. If you find yourself in that subset that is willing to spend a good sum of money purely for the fun of overclocking your memory to DDR and beyond — well beyond — this kit has your name written all over it. Believe me it is A. Fun in spades. For the rest of you, those that value performance over frequency numbers, have a look at the frequencies this kit can achieve.

Then go buy a cheaper kit. Sorry G. Without it, your kit is dead in the water aside from those that are either really into memory overclocking see: subset of a subset or those that are compensating for something else. I realize I might not be making a lot of friends with this news post as it seems that most of the media, journalists and marketing teams would rather have people be quiet about the performance of MFR-based memory.

However, right is right and wrong is wrong. In fact, creating a highly clocked memory kit is not rocket science, it is only a matter of binning as much ICs as possible. That is exactly why they are so pricey - it takes a lot of man-hours to go through 30, ICs to find those that can to DDR at 1.

Honestly speaking, there are only two things I find impressive about MFR-based kits. One, getting the highest frequency record, something mostly only extreme overclockers are interested in. Two, having the highest clocked mass-production memory kit available in the market.

None of that exclusive one-kit press release or incredibly limited sample stuff. Looking at NeweggI only see G. At the Geizhals price comparison siteI find one Avexir and a couple G.

SKILL sticks in stock.It's not rocket science, so anyone can do it I'm looking for something new but fairly inexpensive to tweak on my system and was thinking of buying some Samsung B die RAM to overclock. Getting 64 cores to 5. The Ryzen 9 x and x are powerful processors with 12 cores packed into a tiny AM4 die area because of its 7nm manufacturing process, carrying heat is necessary. This is an unusual ram kit, original XMP settings are mhz, 16,18,18,38,56 1.

Windows 10 Pro New 01 Sep 1. Skill Trident-Z 2x16GB memory kit. The remaining B-Die stock is crazy overpriced, but there may be other alternatives that have some overclocking ability.

I am looking at g. AMD I have notified. When it came to overclocking the G. Preconfigured XMP 2. It requires enough computer knowledge to confidently navigate the bios for your motherboard. Not all RAM performs the best. You don't. We want to change this. Hell I even tried running a kit at c16 1. Probably the most compatible RAM out there for Ryzen based systems.

CPU: Intel K. When you overclock a CPU, you have to worry about whether or not your cooling will handle the faster clocks. It comes with Samsung B-Die which is what you want for high end overclocking. Note the screenshot below has my D. Threadripper proved an excellent platform to show off the quad-channel overclocking prowess of the new Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB.

Actually Hardcore Overclocking 25, views Competitive overclockers have even run some "b-die" kits at DDR or higher with super tight timings, although this requires a ridiculous, unsafe amount of voltage. So, I got these thinking they got that yummy, overclockable Samsung B-die. So far I've just been OC'n using the multi and such, but now I wanted to get into the ram timings etc. Remember: Overclocking is never a safe process while turbo boost is always safe. So if you buy 2 kits you have no clue on which 2 sticks go together.

Using B-Die finder, I'll recommend going for kits having latency under 9 ns. He explains some of the limits that AMD suggests for their processors in terms of voltages and delves into memory voltage settings. One of the best memory for overclocking—probably the best based on my testing—is Samsung b-die 20 nm RAM, often coming with record frequency and latency out of the box. Memory overclocking has a significant impact on performance of AMD Ryzen-powered machines, but the alleged complexity of memory tweaking on this platform, largely fueled by misinformation and lack of documentation, has kept some enthusiasts away from it.

Currently, Samsung B-die chips are best for Ryzen. At this point, save and reboot to see if the overclock boots to the BIOS. In other words, two 8GB sticks are easier to overclock than 4 sticks of 16GB. Northbridge speed is set to 2. Gasaraki88 - Wednesday, May 15, - link It makes sense for Samsung.Do affairs really take that long. SHARE YOUR FAMILY TREE WITH SIRIDoes referring to your parents by their given name make you feel awkward.

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77mq hynix mfr overclock

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Memory Scaling on Haswell CPU, IGP and dGPU: DDR3-1333 to DDR3-3000 Tested with G.Skill

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77mq hynix mfr overclock

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B die overclocking

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DDR4 OEM memory overclocking

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77mq hynix mfr overclock

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